Types of trailers and semi – trailers

Information on types of cargo trailers and semi-trailers

Tilt Semi-trailer (Euro fur)


A three-axle tilt semi-trailer is the most common type of cargo semi-trailer used for the delivery of various loads. As standard, such semi-trailers are equipped with a high rear door and a sliding roof. The design of the semi-trailer allows loading and unloading work from four sides (side, top or front unloading). Euro pallets are used for cargo stowage.


Technical description:

  • Load capacity – 20-25 t
  • Capacity – from 60 m3, up to 15.0 LDM
  • Loading – 22-33 European pallets
  • Net weight: 6,800 kg
  • Gross weight: 36,000 kg
  • Max. permissible load on one axle: 12 000 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 29,200 kg
  • Technically permissible load on the coupling device: 3 x 8 000 kg


External dimensions:

  • Length: 13,800 mm
  • Width: 2,550 mm
  • Height: 4,000 mm


Internal dimensions:

  • Length: 13 620
  • Width: 2 480
  • Height: 2 700



These are larger capacity semi-trailers, which are achieved due to the special L-shaped floor construction and reduced wheel diameter.
Used in cases when the load exceeds the possible August of a standard trailer, together with the step height can reach 3.1 m.

  • Jumbo Load capacity – 20 t
  • Capacity – 96 m3.
  • Loading – 33 Euro pallets


“Car coupling” cargo box with trailer


Truck with a box with a common frame + trailer. The advantage of such a cargo combination is the operative loading and unloading of cargo, as well as greater capacity. Cannot be used for transporting long goods.

  • Load capacity – 16-25 t.
  • Capacity – 100-120 m3.
  • Loading – 33-44 Euro pallets.
  • Cargo box and trailer body dimensions: length from 6 to 9 m, width from 2.48 m, height from 2.6 to 3.2 m




Semi-trailer equipped with a cooling system that allows the desired temperature to be maintained automatically. Depending on the operating mode, it maintains the internal temperature between + 12 ° C … -25 ° C. Humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure can be controlled. Used for transporting all types of food or other perishable goods

  • Capacity – 60-93 m3.
  • Loading – 22-34 Euro pallets.
  • Load capacity – 20-25 t.




A semi-trailer with an insulated load compartment and no refrigeration unit fitted. Designed for transporting perishable goods, maintains the original internal temperature for a limited time. Most commonly used for food delivery.

  • Capacity – 60-93 m3.
  • Loading – 22-34 Euro pallets.
  • Load capacity – 20-25 t.


Container chassis – platform


Specialized trailer or semi – trailer for the transport of sea containers. Depending on the type of semi-trailer, it may have a sliding structure that allows it to be transported in 45 ‘sea containers. The standard container carrier platform can carry 1 x 40 ‘feet or 2 x 20’ feet sea containers. The container carrier platform is equipped with special attachments for sea containers – phytins.




Platform, not equipped with sides and awning body.
Used for the transport of oversized cargo or cargo that is resistant to external weather conditions: building materials, industrial units, equipment, etc.

  • Load capacity – 40 t.