Duty Services

The KKM team will help you solve all tasks related to customs issues, including import, export, transit, issuance of certificates required for cargo customs clearance, etc. We will prepare and draw up the necessary documents for cargo transportation. Customs services are available in Europe and the CIS countries.

Our customs clearance specialist with more than 20 years of experience submits import and export declarations for processing at the Customs Offices of the Republic of Latvia, as well as provides consultations in the field of customs. Our brochures will calculate and prepare the necessary customs duties in time
Upon the client’s authorization, the SRS solves any issue related to customs matters at the Customs Institutions.
We fill in FVS border control applications – KID, FITO.
We provide operative customs clearance services for land, sea, air, postal and railway shipments.

Customs services offered by KKM:

  • Calculation of customs duties and preparation of payments
  • Preparation of cargo accompanying documents
  • Completion of customs declarations
  • Execution of customs procedures and cargo accompanying documents
  • Representation of clients’ interests
  • Execution of IM and EX declarations
  • Formation of FITO and KID applications

We provide free consultations to our customers before shipping to prevent incorrect filling in of documents and protect you from unforeseen losses.