Road transport

The main advantage of road transport is Fast and Safe cargo delivery. Using this mode of transport, it is possible to organize the delivery of groupage cargo, which will make it possible to catch both money and speed up the delivery time. All cars are equipped with tracking systems, the customer is always informed about delivery times. It is also possible to use transshipment warehouses for cargo consolidation.

Trucks available at KKM:

  • Minibuses (2.5 t, 14 m3)
  • Compact truck (7.5-9, 50m3)
  • Truck with tilt trailer / semi-trailer (80m3, 92m3, 120m3)
  • Car with jumbo semi-trailer (<24t, 100m3)
  • Cargo platforms (35t, 12-13.5m)
  • Container transporters (20’ft, 40’ft, 45’ft)
  • Car with dump truck (17-25t; 10-18m3)
  • Trailers-platforms (30-60t) for transportation of heavy machinery
  • Car with freezer (-25 + 25) or isotherm